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Author Topic: L-O-V-E by Nat 'King' Cole  (Read 1646 times)
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« on: May 08, 2005, 09:59:58 AM »

This is my rendition of Nat 'King' Cole's awesome "L-O-V-E", also sometimes called "Love Was Made For Me And You."

I was writing a guitar progression for this song last night from the song, arranging all the instruments as well as I could into one chord progression.  I then decided that it would be cool to record this, and I did.

It's three layers, very simple for the moment: guitar, percussion and vocals.

I've added a little EQ on my voice as well as some reverb to get some better quality, as well as muffled the percussion.

Well, it's actually me tapping rhythymically on my guitar, but hey.

I did some stereo mixing to add some jazz to it.

I'm particularly proud of the way the chord progression turned out.  I tried to do complex bass/treble walks: bass falls while treble rises, alternate root notes to chords, etc.  It's probably the most complex chord progression I've arranged.

I'm probably later on going to re-record the guitar line as this one was sloppy, and add a solo at the end.  If I find out a nice way to transition between a normal guitar and a capo'd guitar, I will add the second, raised in pitch verse.  I will also probably get someone else to sing this in my stead...while I can fill vocals temporarily, I have friends who have the range of Pavarotti and could own this much better than I could.

My music repository:
Direct link to the file:

File Information:
541 kb
64kbps CBR Stereo mp3PRO

C&C?  Tell me what you think.

avinash.vora - http://www.avinashv.net
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