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Author Topic: Fighting Game Sprite Contest  (Read 17825 times)
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« Reply #60 on: February 05, 2005, 05:56:09 PM »

Alright. Today is the deadline! I was a bit worried in the beginning of the contest with the number of entries, but soon, things went uphil, and we got a pretty darned good contest.
Now, I'll start off with the critiques of each image.

-By Josiah Tobin
I'll critique the actual sprite instead of the background (which is actually pretty good too), since the main focus is the sprite. It would have been better if you had included the legs in the image, since if he was in a game, well... he'd have feet. Smiley His right arm with the sword seems a little bit too short, but I can't say anything about the one in the back, since it disappears behind him, which there's nothing wrong with that.

As for his legs, the leg in the back seems to come up in front of the leg in the front, making it look like he's crossing them. His head sort of pokes forward, which there's nothing artistically wrong with that, but it makes him look kind of weitd. Also, his face it a bit too plain. The coloring is pretty good, though. You've got good contrast in the shades, and they seem to be shaded where they need to be for the most part, although there are no folds. Also, the hair was handled decently for the shape of his head. It has depth to it, and a nice shine.

– By na_th_an
Well, you've got the anatomy down pretty well, but the hands look a little bit too plain, and are too small. If they were larger, then you could have given her fingers for a bit more detail. Her feet also seem a bit too small. As does her left (our right) lower leg. Despite this, her pose still seems believable. One thing I don't like is the green shirt, however. The transparency is handled well, but the actual color of the shirt seems too bright, and takes away from the detail under it, making it all too bright, and none of the definition really shows up as well as it could. Also, the lines above the breasts, which appear to be folds, seem a little bit out of place. They don't curve out sharp enought to make folds. The coloring on this one, however, is also good, except the shirt. The face was also handled well.

-Also by  na_th_an.

I like this one a lot more than the one before. The coloring is very nice, and easy on the eyes, and the shading was done well. Something about the girl who's attacking's face, the eyes, doesn't look right, though. It's probably the choice of eye color. She might've looked prettier with blue eyes or something, instead of peach.

The hair of the girl who's attacking is also a little bit strange. It's made very well. It's nice, lush, and you can see the depth. Definitely good hair shading, but the way it's flowing with her movement doesn't seem to match. It seems as if it would be a little bit more wild, instead of in such a neat shape. The shading of the hair itsself, however, is excellent.

As for the girl who's being hit, I like her drawing a lot more. Her hand itsself seems to be a good size, but her fingers are too small. Along with her feet. You did very well with her body definition, however. Nice shading on the legs. Her breast however, the one on the bottom, seems to be brought out of shape by the shadow coming from it, like the bottom of it is coming from her torso.

But yes, like I said, I like this image a lot. Very clean looking, and the coloring is done a lot smoother than your other sprite.

– by Hexadecimal Disaster

Veeeeeery nice. The muscle definition is awesome, the coloring has brilliant contrast, and of course, the sprite's big, and manages to keep all of this in tact. Smiley Some problems that I see are mainly in the folds of the pants. On his left leg (our right), the stetch that forms on his upper leg seems too “shadowy”, and less like a fold. Also, his lower leg seems to be more of a cross of either being too short, or bending back. I think the shadowing could be done a tad better to make it more clear.

But like I said, good muscle definition, and he has the face of a tough guy. His hands are done well also, and you can see the power in his pose. Great job.

– By barok

Nice job for your first fighting game sprite. Some of the anatomy is a bit off, in the legs primarily. His knee is also drawn too sharp on our-right leg. The coloring could also use a bit more contrast, and a black outline can work in some cases, but doesn't here. The muscles could use a bit of work as well. The gun seems to be the right shape, but there's no shine, or shadowing on it, so it has no real definition. And now that I'm looking at the gun... he has no fingers. Wink

But again, nice job for your first fighting game sprite. I'm glad to see that someone who doesn't really make them still has the spirit to join a contest.

– By Zack

Nice..... contrast, Zack. ^_^ Pretty much everything else is a tad off, however. Smiley (don't worry, you guys. Zack knows I'm kidding............. about certain things anyway)

– By marex

Nice stuff here. Cool pose, and good shading. The folds on the legs seem a little bit un-foldish, but they still define where his knees are. The foot was made pretty good. In the spots where you have a black outline, I feel another color could have been used, but it still doesn't look too bad. I like how you got his arms crossed, but the stick in the back should probably be a tad longer, so it'll match the length of the other stick. But overall, this is a pretty nice sprite.

– By Speedlemon

The legs don't seem to be the same length, and neither do the arms. The coloring is also too bright, and there doesn't appear to be any shading. It looks MSPaint-ish because of the bright-green on black outlines. Nice try, however.


Very nice. Has a Guilty-Gear-ish anime look. It's hard to find anything in particular to say is great, because the whole image seems to be nice, and fit with itsself. Some problems I see, however, are that the feet are too short, and his collar is shaded so that it appears too thick. Also, the shading on his right leg  doesn't seem to fit the shape his leg would normally be. But like I said, very good sprite.


It's pretty cool, but the anatomy is a little bit off. His legs are a bit too short. Also, his mutant arm in the back seems to be done well enough, but the shading doesn't suggest that it's actually behind his body. His sword's pretty cool, though. It looks a little bit too curvy, but the design on the sword itsself is nice. I'm a little bit concerned with how you shaded it, though. It looks more like his army had little circles and squares drawn on it rather than it's actually reflecting light off. And also, the little red hair that comes from the back of his helmet seems too clumpy, and not “hairy” enough. Good job, though.

[/img] -purplemonkey

Pretty snazzy stuff. The shading's pretty clean, and the hair's pretty cool, too. Smiley Some stuff I'm a little bit concerned of, are the legs. The upper-legs are okay, but the bottom-legs seem to just continue in a triangular curve down to the feet, so they don't really have the shape of legs. Her fingers on the one doing the kujikiri, the pinky, and the one next to it, are too short, however. The actual hand is done okay, though. I like how the sword was done. It doesn't look shiny, but it still looks solid. The breasts seem to form off of the arm instead of the armbit. Maybe if you broke up the line that connects the arm to the breast, it would look a little better. Also, on the part of her sleeve that's on top of her arm (the one to our left), it looks like it's either extremely tight, or her arm wouldn't actually fit under there. Overall, I like the sprite, though. Again, the hair is awesome. And I like the subtle “shinyness” on the lines of her hair, and on her chest.

– Lord Wurmz

Well, despite that this entry is “newbish” as you said, you've actually got a pretty nice pose on him. Smiley The finger positions are believable, and the stance is good.  The stuff that takes away from the image, however, are of course, it's size, the outline, and the anatomy. Your coloring is good enough. The folds on the pants aren't quite right, either.

– im9today

I like the Nightmare sprite more compared to this one (however, the flame on the sword isn't half bad either). The sprite itsself is a tad harder to make out than the rest. Also, you have that strange “square and cirlcle” thing on him. His anatomy isn't quite right either. This is a good entry, but like I said, I like the Nightmare sprite more.

– BobJones

Not bad, but his upper-body pose, does not go with Ryu's stance very well. =) The styles you used for his upper-body, and his pants are too different. Personally, I'd have liked it if the shading style on the pants would have been used for the whoel thing, because too much dithering makes images look too bland sometimes. Also, you should have resized the image so the whole pole would fit in. You didn't do the feet bad, though. Not bad at all.

As for the image itsself, the muscles on the arms were done a lot better than the muscles on the body. And the folds on the pants need some work as well. The person's hair is pretty good though. His pose looks like he's hurting himself, however. Like I said, Ryu's stance is twisting his spinal column. Nice job, however.

– bo_the_sucker

Pretty good. I like the shading on him(except for the lowerleg), and the muscular definition isn't bad. His neck looks too tense, though, and too long, like a vein is about to bust. In fact, his whole chest looks too tense as well, which wouldn't exactly be natural in a fight, unless you're planning on getting hit (or there's some obscure Japanese fighting style I haven't heard of). The hands were done pretty well, though they're too small, and the torso should probably be a little bit shorter. The turban on his head is pretty nice, though, and the wrapping is believable. Great job over here.

And that's it for the critiques. I hope I was of help to all of the entrants. And now... here
are the winners.

Fifth Place: purplemonkey

Fourth Place: na_th_an (second image)

Third Place: Marex

Second Place: SYNJE!!!


Once again, I would like to thank everyone for entering. Both those who make fighter sprites often, and those who don't make many, but still had the courage to try something new. As for prizes, I still haven't though of it yet. What I had been planning on the whole time, was me making a sprite of the top five, and it will probably end up that way. I keep speculating on whether or not a sprite made by ME could qualify as a prize, but then again, I shouldn't worry about that. ;-)

Once again, thank you all. This contest was a great success. Smiley
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« Reply #61 on: February 05, 2005, 09:14:22 PM »

Hmmm.... Nice critique. I agree totally. You guys make we want to start a business...  very talented.  :wink:
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« Reply #62 on: February 06, 2005, 09:40:51 AM »

He he - I'll win the next one Wink

Congrats to all, this has been good.

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« Reply #63 on: February 09, 2005, 10:10:22 PM »

Quote from: "Rockuman"

– By Zack

Nice..... contrast, Zack. ^_^ Pretty much everything else is a tad off, however. Smiley (don't worry, you guys. Zack knows I'm kidding............. about certain things anyway)

Don't I get a prize for being in last place? Wink

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« Reply #64 on: February 09, 2005, 11:45:12 PM »

I found this when I was clearing out some old junk. You can have it, if you want. Wink

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« Reply #65 on: February 10, 2005, 12:08:51 PM »

GOD! I hate that picture! Why do I see it everywhere I go!?!
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« Reply #66 on: February 10, 2005, 12:12:57 PM »

It haunts you.

And damn, those are some good-looking sprites Cheesy
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