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Author Topic: Print to Network Printer  (Read 1304 times)
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« on: November 13, 2004, 01:53:14 AM »

Rather than use LPT1 to print to a local printer, is there a way to specify a network printer instead?  For example, I have a network printer that has an address of IP_10.3.400.50.  Can I use this or is there another way?

This is a program I developed years ago and want to continue to use in Windows 2000 and XP.
Jonathan Simpson
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« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2004, 02:41:51 AM »

Yup.  on the machine with the printer, you need to share it...The following procedure is for windows XP.  The procedure for other windows OS's is very similar.  On 9X, you may need to enable sharing before you can do this.

1. Click Start-->Settings-->Printers and Faxes
2. Right click on the printer you want to use
3. Select "sharing" from the context menu
4. Click the radio button for "Share this printer"
5. Enter a name for the printer. For example purposes, we will assume that you enter "fred"

On the machine you wish to use the printer from:
6. Click Start-->Run
7. Type "CMD" and hit enter.
8. Type "NET USE LPT1: \\\fred" where is the ip of your the machine with the printer, and fred is the name you entered for the printer.

You should now be able to access the printer from your DOS programs, using LPT1:

Cavaets:  Some printers are windows only GDI printers.  Such printers cannot be used in this manner.  You'll find out when you try to use it... if nothing happens, it's probably a windows only HOST based printer.

Good Luck,

onathan Simpson
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