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Author Topic: Active Topics  (Read 4009 times)
Ancient QBer
Posts: 464

« on: October 20, 2004, 08:45:45 AM »

Slight problem I am getting
Quote from: "active topics"
Could not insert search results


SQL Error : 1062 Duplicate entry '273426786' for key 1

INSERT INTO phpbb_search_results (search_id, session_id, search_array) VALUES(273426786, '1cb4bab2625ce6397443cb5c8bac96c7', 'a:7:{s:14:"search_results";s:34:"7042, 7065, 7080, 7083, 7086, 7091";s:17:"total_match_count";i:6;s:12:"split_search";N;s:7:"sort_by";i:0;s:8:"sort_dir";s:4:"DESC";s:12:"show_results";s:6:"topics";s:12:"return_chars";i:200;}')

Line : 679
File : /home/qbnews/public_html/forum/search.php

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I hold this place together
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« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2004, 11:27:10 AM »

Next time do all of the following:

a) Post it in the correct forum Tongue This is more of a "site issue," so I moved it to the Site Issues forum.

b) Tell us what you did leading up to that problem. Obviously you were trying to search for something... what were you searching for? Did you try it more then once?


I haven't been able to duplicate the error as I don't know exactly what kind of search you were doing. Either that or the problem just magically went away...
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