Patching an EXE


This is a lil' favour I have to ask ;)

Ten years ago, I coded one or two "games" using an interpreter called Super Show IV which I found on a shareware magazine. It was a simple script interpreter that worked with simple commands, but allowed SVGA graphics, VOC sounds and CMF tunes, so it looked great to me.

The thing is that it is the shareware version and when you run the interpreter (SH4.EXE MYSCRIPT.SH4) to run your scripts it pops up a "register" message that lasts some seconds and that is really annoying. After the message, SH4 just goes thru your file and interprets it.

I am planning on building a site with all my old stuff, and I would like to release the games I coded using SSIV. I am asking for a way of patching the EXE file so the message doesn't display and it goes straight to interpret the file. I know 0 about patching EXEs, so if someone could help...

I would be eternaly grateful to someone who patches the EXE for me :) I'm sure that all you have to do is replacing a CALL with NOPs and stuff, but I don't know even which software to use ... :(



Thanks in advance :)


Unpacked, cracked, and repacked.

(FYI, SSIV was coded in QB, which made it a pain in the ass to debug because almost everything was a call. 1951 bytes of code had to be replaced with NOPs.)

In QB? Now that's really funny :)

Thank you very much, I'll be eternally grateful. Next time I'll try to actually learn to do it myself. Which programs do you use to examine/change?

Turbo Debugger 5, Sourcer 7, W32Dasm 8.9, and Hex Workshop 4.

Whoah - Great, thanks.

I'm looking for tutorials now :D


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