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Author Topic: Does anyone have  (Read 1573 times)
Hard Rock
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« on: July 02, 2004, 04:50:11 PM »

A. A NON interlaced animated gif WITH local colour tables.
B. An interlaced animated gif WITHOUT local colour tables.

I have one with both(interlaced/local), but im having a hard time debugging becuase i cant figure out if its my local colour tables loading at fault(not yet tested) or handling of animated interlaced images(not yet tested). It will be a lot easier if i can figure out which one my code is failing at, and then debug for the one with both.

Anyway if you have feel free to email them to me, hard_rock_2@yahoo.com . Or if its easier you can post them. I have several animated gifs, but i can only seem to grab non interlaced no colour tabled ones, which my loader can handle. And if i could figure out how to make them.....

Size isnt really an issue, if its large thats fine, i have not yet done testing on really large images, it doesnt even have to be a real gif, if you know how to make one, and all it does is flash colours (blue,red,green) for around 10 frames and meets the top criteria that would be great too.

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