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Author Topic: dir command >> exe?  (Read 8504 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 16, 2003, 09:22:47 PM »

Quote from: "Agamemnus"
Well, my program with dir didn't work before on his computer, and now it does..

Well team, seems like time to fall back 10 and punt.
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« Reply #31 on: July 18, 2003, 06:23:16 AM »

Quote from: "Moneo"

I'm running WinXP and command.com is in \windows\system32.
What version of Windows are you running that does not have command.com?

I have to agree with the following comment by Glenn:
"... I've never used any version of windows that didn't at least provide a command.com for DOS programs to work. If you're using such an implementation/installation, what are you doing trying to run DOS programs with it? ..."

Well, sorry if I'm too late, I'm not really part of this conversation, but I'm running Windows 2000...
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« Reply #32 on: July 18, 2003, 02:36:49 PM »

You should have COMMAND.COM, or you wouldn't have been able to run almost *any*  DOS program, mainly couse 99.99% of DOS program make extensive use of DOS interrupts and/or services, which are set up by COMMAND.COM itself. In fact, when you click any QB executable from your windows explorer, COMMAND.COM is ran and on the top of it your EXE is ran.

Plus, W2000 and WXP come with CMD.EXE which is a command prompt simmilar to COMMAND.COM command-wise, but it is not MSDOS itself, such as COMMAND.COM. Anyhow, COMMAND.COM *should* be in your hard disk somewhere. Maybe you haven't found it 'cause Windows is hiding it for you: Windows hides system files by default (for a strange reason), and you have to configure it not to.

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