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Author Topic: This is how i look like.  (Read 39881 times)
I hold this place together
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« Reply #165 on: July 03, 2003, 07:56:28 AM »

Fair enough, you'll avoid alot of crap in life with that decision. Me, Im never drinking again after last night (Although, I seem to remember saying the same thing last time I got drunk ;-))

esus saves.... Passes to Moses, shoots, he scores!
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« Reply #166 on: July 03, 2003, 08:11:17 PM »

Good exams? Think you passed? Me, I just did a 3 week physics project in 12 hours (8 of them sleeping). I'm stuffed, and now I see the benefit of not drinking on Thursdays (or any other day), I would have surely got 0 for it.

But now I'm at school for the last day in term two (school finishes at 1.30), and I can go home and relax.


Senior Member
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« Reply #167 on: July 04, 2003, 03:45:59 PM »

God... I was gone for a week, Oracle your getting on my nerves. Lets end it with this, PLEASE! Where I live in the states there is truely little crime... I don't know about everywhere else, but it's great here. And those stats yall keep blurting out, a bunch of BS... None of those stats are true, and if they were... I won't give a shit

 Josiah N. Baldwin

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« Reply #168 on: July 04, 2003, 09:23:01 PM »

Uh oh...

UQB? Cussing? This is getting bad... I think you guys should stop... before someone gets hurt!
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