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Author Topic: Looking for a "lost" VGA twaker for retro stuff  (Read 2879 times)
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« on: November 06, 2008, 07:27:19 PM »

Hi here!

Sorry for bothering you with this old, and not really relevant stuff, but i just hope probably you have it. I mean a VGA tweaker utility which i was looking for. I already found the one called "tweak16b.zip", but i also found this topic searching around which is appearantly stored here: http://forum.qbasicnews.com/index.php?action=printpage;topic=7891.0 . In this a member called "Spotted Cheetah" talks about some other such application. Does anyone has it? Was it really that good? If anyone has it, then could he lend me a copy?

Well, i would like to have it since i just like retro. I was fiddling with C64, later found that the old days of x86 appear to be simply vanishing. I mean there are still a lot of C64 sceners around while noone programs anymore for the old XTs and such. Then somewhere i found a nice VGA specification (the site does not exist any more), which went deep in how the 16 color modes operate and i thought it would be fun to exploit that. It looks like nobody ever really tried to use the 16 color modes...

For the subject, it would be nice if people put together some larger 8086 retro portal, focusing on programming. Even including QBasic Smiley (Well, as of me, i rather stick with assembler).
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