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Author Topic: allegro help, lookin for tutorials  (Read 1862 times)
Ancient QBer
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« on: January 10, 2006, 12:37:09 AM »

man, i been scouring this forum, and freebasic.net, i've found a few thigns...  but i was hopin i'd be able to find more...  a few links to some tasty gems would be nice if you guys got em..if not i'll still figure it out Smiley just might take me a little longer :S

me and rattra are at a strange point as far as the demo team goes, we dont really have another prod planned. He wants to go hardware accelerated 3d, and i want to do software rendered 3d (i'm all bout the oldschool ;P )  I think if i can get together enough knowledge about allegro, and start somethin, mebbe he'll think its cool and pick up on it w/ me....    

i know for a fact that full accelerated 3d (openGL) is down the road as long as FB_Fusion is together, but i think that we'll be throwing software rendered into the mix as many times as i can talk ratt into it lol...

so anyhoo, any links would be most appreciated Smiley

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