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Author Topic: Re-Launch of LobsterComics.  (Read 1518 times)
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« on: July 24, 2005, 11:30:24 PM »

(thanks for the image josiah)


Thats right, that wacky little webcomic you all enjoy so much is back.  well ok, so it was wacky, and a few people liked it, but eh.  recently i put up a little flyer on the site telling people to email me if they read or have ever read lobstercomics.  I was amazed to find that 76 people mailed me (trust me, i thought only me and a few others enjoyed them, so it was a big deal for me).  and after that 76, the number kept rising and is now up to 84.  So apparently people stil read them, and i guess i'd let you all know that i am making more now.  so thanks to those who are constant readers, and the ones who check in once a week.

along with that news, I would also like to throw on the table that I haven't been able to contact oracle for a while now.  so if anyone has heard from him recently, please let me know.

also, a few people asked for Icons.  specifically the following, sorta last minute but thats how LobsterComics are anywas:


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