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Title: A few drawings and such...
Post by: Spotted Cheetah on May 15, 2005, 07:38:59 PM
I just want to get a little of feedback on what i did. Visit my homepage, there RC Art, and make any comment about them (Or not visit, just the page - i treat it some sort of art too :)  - well, a little off from here. So just the drawings and such). I do not think that i will change the world with my artwork, but i hope they are not too bad :)

Title: A few drawings and such...
Post by: jsmith71 on May 15, 2005, 08:19:05 PM
The pixelled one with the sunset is an impressive bit of pixel work. You seem to have a rather good amount of talent in that area. I also like the concept of the drawing of the cheetah staring at the huge iron shipwreck, though I couldn't make out much at that size.

Title: A few drawings and such...
Post by: Rattrapmax6 on May 15, 2005, 08:31:16 PM
Pretty nice stuff... I noticed photography, heh, what type of cam do you use? Simple, Bridge, or SLR? 35mm or Digtal? You got some nice shots, that sunset with the cheetah mostly.. :wink:

Title: A few drawings and such...
Post by: Mech1031 on May 15, 2005, 09:04:42 PM
I really liked your artwork, you do seem to have quite a talent.  make sure you keep it up =)  I also noticed the cheeta in the sunset, veeeery nice.

perhaps you and i could do an art-trade.  i should be getting back alot of school drawings i've done soon.  i could scan them and show you the wildlife ones, see what ya like.

Title: A few drawings and such...
Post by: MystikShadows on May 15, 2005, 09:05:30 PM
I liked the lego built cheetah :-)....I did like that sunset one as well...I'm not bad on paper....but to computerize my art...I have to work at it long and hard...lol...

Good work :-) if I do say so myself.  And I personally believe alot more should be done about the cheetah....alot more prevention and alot more on all other sides of wildlife preservation organization for the cheetah.

Title: A few drawings and such...
Post by: Spotted Cheetah on May 16, 2005, 03:13:12 PM
Thanks for those nice words, i never tought that i have any "impressive talent", just a bit above average. A little it is a part of my "strategy": i am always not content with myself with what i always force myself forth :) .

My biggest problem is that i have nothing what i can use to digitalize my works. Those poor drawings turned out that wrong since i had them on an old photography, four of them on one scanned in in the size of 640x480. They were rotated too a little, so it was a hard Gimping to make them so "good" like they are.

An other if you red is that i was a part of an upcoming society what we wanted to found to help big cats through it, but we broke, and all my photographies remained at the other member since i gave them him to digitalize some before. Possibly i will never get them back.

I made those photos with a good old analog camera, "good" means really good, old means i think more than 20 years :D. Sadly now i absolutely have no money since i need everything to - well, not joking, to protect an invention - so this makes me unable to buy films and develop them, or even to visit any zoo. On the other hand without scanner you would have to wait another three years to actually see them :(

I think i made that pixel - art in at about six hours of work (not continously) as i could not do anything else then (I had to hide my works that time what was only possible on the computer). Recently i am triing to draw an at about A/2 sized artwork based on one of my old ideas: A Cheetah on a dragon's back flying towards the World Trade Center in the sunrise imagined in 3000 after whole New York was flooded. I do not really know how will i digitalize it :-? . I will have to take a photograph of it, then develop, and find somebody having a scanner, so it will probably be on my page five years later if Fateback not removes it until then :(

Sorry for the long post, but i am preparing for protecting that invention what makes me so nervous that i could not do anything else now. I prepared the papers all this day, and probably i will go to our capitol to actually start it the day after tomorrow. Anybody can invent something new, it is not a hard thing. But when it comes to take out the patent for it! Two months before i said "NO MORE INVENTIONS!!! I WILL SHOOT MY DAMNED BRAIN IN PIECES IF ANY DREADFUL NEW INVENTION COMES IN IT AGAIN!!!". And take that seriously.

Just let an another abundance of anger off :-?

alot more should be done about the cheetah

Rather people's mind should be changed about them. And about all the animals. Many of us still thinks that animals have no mind, no soul, not feeling pain / anything partially because of religion, and partially because they just not care of. For example if somebody buys a fur then it actually not comes in her mind that a poor animal or animals suffered for that. Possibly because of what i said, possibly it just not comes in her mind that the fur is actually belonged to an animal who had feelings like us. This have to be changed. Fight for the rights of life.

EDIT: (18, May) I returned from patenting, now i calmed down - at least with a little. Hope no more huge anger - posts :-?