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Title: Using Interfaces?
Post by: lkd85 on March 02, 2005, 12:57:35 AM
Hey, I'm thinking on porting the Audiere library (unless someone else has) which has nothing but classes with virtual functions and was wondering if I can just use a UDT with function pointers within another UDT that contains it's pointer (Vtable ?)

Example (based off PureBasic port which implements interfaces):


Type RefCounted_VTBL
   ref As Function() As Long                ' Long
   unref As Function() As Long             ' Long
End Type

Type RefCounted
     vtable As RefCounted_VTBL Ptr
End Type

Type AudFile_VTBL
  ref As [RefCounted_VTBL or RefCounted?] ' All audiere classes extend RefCounted
  File_Read As Function (pbuffer As Long,size As Long)      ' long
  File_seek As Function(position As Long, SeekMode As Long)As Long  ' bool
  tell As Function() As Long                       ' long
End Type

I was following the DirectDraw port for reference. Any help would be greatful.