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Title: Comic Update (Update)
Post by: Mech1031 on July 25, 2004, 10:22:06 PM
A few of you guys have been askin me about it on MSN, and I think i'll just post the info here so i'll stop being bugged about it.  Yes I am in fact making 'another' comic.  But don't worry, this one should stick.  The main character is going to be the character design i gave a few days back, and there will be two other "side-kicks"(if you will).  other than that, i will probably come up with some extra characters for hee-haws.  One thing still urks me, Anybody got a name?  (it's an anthromorphic comic about three pals who live on campus and go clubbin and all that good stuff).

And by request of few, here is a picture of the artist at work:
I'm the one on the left, next to me is my 4 year old cousin alex, and after that, its some weird kid who was attending the fiesta we were having.

Title: Comic Update (Update)
Post by: speedlemon on July 25, 2004, 10:34:04 PM
:o :o thats a little chair :o :o
well. you were at a fiesta but you were drawing? welll anyways, its cool that you'll bring pencil and paper in your pocket so you can work out of a comic. so maybe we'll get to see the actual comic soon...  8)
well i just wish i could see what you were drawing at that little table and chair.


ok fine, my computer's on a little table and a tiny little chair. but its made out of plastic. 8)

Title: Comic Update (Update)
Post by: Mech1031 on July 25, 2004, 10:44:59 PM
It was my cousins table.  thats why the chair was so little.  and i might give you a preview in a week or two (if your good ;) )

I'm actually a giant.  my cousin is 12 and he is 5 foot 8 inches.  hope this clears the small chair issue up.