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Title: The Creepiest thing just happened to me... O_O
Post by: Rokkuman on May 11, 2003, 05:49:26 PM
Ok, so I was on my computer, just doing whatever, and all of a sudden, my Trillian message dialogue pops up, so I look at the name, it's NoNick, and I wonder, "oh, why's he talking to me?", so I read what he has to say, except, it's not really what he's saying... it's more like, what I SAID ON THE ARTICLE AT QBCOLONY.

So yeah, I got all scared and crap that he was gonna try something funny, but instead he thought the article was pretty funny, and told me not to worry because he just did it for fun, like he said before... well anyways... here's the log. It's kinda hard to read because of how it's set up. But just look for the colons and that's where the message starts.


[PM:09:14:04] NoNick -=|Shadow Boys|=-: So, there you have it, they aren't as much of the stupid monkeys that
we though them to be. They are just a bunch of bored kids, who have
a dream of being the best defacers. And who are we to get in their  

[PM:09:14:04] *** Auto-response sent to NoNick -=|Shadow Boys|=-: I'm not at my computer... now go away before I stab you in the face with a peice of pork rinds.

[PM:09:14:27] *** nonick_defacer@hotmail.com (NoNick -=|Shadow Boys|=-) has joined the conversation.

[PM:09:14:27] Makes me wanna... slap yo mama!: Umm... hi...

[PM:09:14:44] NoNick -=|Shadow Boys|=-: nice words

[PM:09:14:58] NoNick -=|Shadow Boys|=-: but i don't want be the best defacer

[PM:09:15:03] Makes me wanna... slap yo mama!: Well gosh! Ya hacked our board!

[PM:09:15:06] NoNick -=|Shadow Boys|=-: i just do that for fun

[PM:09:15:12] Makes me wanna... slap yo mama!: Oh.

[PM:09:15:30] NoNick -=|Shadow Boys|=-: nonick_defacer@hotmail.com says:
this is for fan...