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Title: Nerd jokes
Post by: jakeman922 on February 17, 2006, 07:44:12 PM
I found these jokes on the FB forums. The english is a little jittery, but they are pretty funny:


With what computer works?
- Smoke. If smoke comes out of box, computer wont work anymore.


Whats the difference between virus and Windows?
- Virus works as it should.


Nerd went in to school first time on hes life.
Teacher asked, where space ends.
- On letter "e". Sayd nerd.
Teacher. - So, youre trying to be funny? Tell me then, whats behind space?

Nerd wondered for a moment and answered, "backspace?".


Mr. B.Gates once sayd, that if BMW would advance theyr cars as same speed
than Microsoft does for operating systems. We would have a cars that could run over 100km
with only 1liter gasoline and cars would cost only 100$.

After hearing this, production manager of BMW (Mr. Kuenheim) answered on press release.

"If BMW would product cars as M$ products and developes operating systems."
- With out no reason, cars would stop working at least twice in day.
- After building a new road, users of it would need to buy a new car.
- Cars would stop on freeway but drivers would accept it, wait a while and restart theyr engines.
- Only one driver could use certain car, if theres no licence for other drivers.
- Competitor could sell better cars, cheaper and multiple times faster, but you could drive with it only at 5% of roads.
- Oil, gas, engine heat etc. varning signals would been repleced as "general car error" light.
- In accident, before airbag could work, you need to answer "yes" on question "Are you sure?"
- To shut down your engine, you would need to use "Start" button first.


Nightmare of nerd:
- "- -Keyboard not found - Press any key to continue..."