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Title: my first 3d models
Post by: marzecTM on October 28, 2005, 12:48:24 AM
i have to create a quake 3 model for a univ. course ( ya we got a gamedec course at my univ. :p ). i first tried modeling with gmax, as it was suggested by our tutors. so i sat down on saturday and started with no knowledge on modeling whatsoever. turned out that gmax has a really bad interface. a friend of mine then send me a video by bay raitt ( the guy that made golum in the lotr movies ) that shows how he creates a character out of a box. the method is called box or subdivision modelling. inspired by this video i downloaded wings3d which is similar to the tool raitt uses called mirai. turned out that the workflow is incredibly smooth with this tool and i suggest it to anyone that starts out modeling.

for the course i wanted to create a freddy kruger character. this is what i got after 2 days of work


tonight i modeled a non organic model too, well it should be a spaceship


which turned out to be far easier to model, only took me about 45 minutes.

i have yet to learn how to create textures in photoshop so if somebody has tutorials on that matter please post links.

Title: my first 3d models
Post by: Dr_Davenstein on October 28, 2005, 02:22:10 AM
Lookin good.  :P

I'm not sure how Wings3D works, but in Lightwave...

create your UV's...
maximize an orthographic view of the UV's...
take a screen shot(prt scrn works ok, but there are plugins)...
paste it into photoshop...
crop it so the only thing that shows is the ortho window...

Save it and test it before you do a bunch of work on the image. I always test it with the UV lines still visible. That way, you can easily tell if the UV's are lining up the way they are supposed to because you are actually mapping a snapshot of the uvmap.  :P

I hope that makes sense to ya... I don't know of any tutes for Wings, or else I'd post a link.  Sorry.

Title: my first 3d models
Post by: marzecTM on October 28, 2005, 11:59:46 AM
nice. ya wings projection and unfolding capabilities are not perfect yet but i can get pretty much what i need into photoshop. only thing is i lack 2d drawing skills so hehe. thx for the advice