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Title: My Band (Jack Thomas)
Post by: anonjondoe on July 13, 2005, 08:18:07 AM
Hi guys, just thought I'd let you all see my band's website. http://www.geocities.com/dexterblackfoot/ , if you go to the downloads section there are four of our songs there.

Have a look around, check out the songs (but save them to your PC rather than listening to them straight off the site, please) and sign the guestbook.



Title: My Band (Jack Thomas)
Post by: marzecTM on July 13, 2005, 03:15:44 PM
ok your webpage is under construction is it? :p

on the other hand: i'd have loved to listen to your music but the links are broke

Title: My Band (Jack Thomas)
Post by: anonjondoe on July 13, 2005, 03:25:49 PM
Thanks for pointing that out. I'm fixing the links as we speak. But, if you want to hear the songs you can get them from....


Tell us what you think



the links should be fixed now on the web site

Title: My Band (Jack Thomas)
Post by: marzecTM on July 13, 2005, 08:16:53 PM
perfect worked...

i only had the time to listen to stay young and human lullaby.

@1 though relatively simple it has some nice atmosphere to it. the guitar playing is solid with some small mistakes. the singing is a little bit to freestylish and offbeat for my taste but that's just that, taste :p. all in all a nice song.

@human lullaby, i dunno why but somehow i have the feeling that this is some sort of midi involved. no real piano sounds like that :p. but i guess it's just a normal keyboard with a not so good synth. anyways i really like the feeling of this one too. again a simple song but the composition especially the strong and louder keyboard plus the subtile background guitar are very fine. at the end of the song the keyboard and the guitar ( playing a solo ) are a little out of rythm relative to each other it's just a bit to much to sound done on purpose so i guess you should timeshift that a little or improve the solo a bit. i like the singing in this song better than in the other song but something is still missing but i can't put that in words. again just a matter of taste.

your music would make a wonderfull score for some roadmovie, maybe like for a film like spun heh. all in all i really like it. it still has some hard edges but there's potential. one thing i also noticed: the voice is always on the left channel you should fix that unless it is again on purpose. otherwise well done if i find the time i check out the other songs too.

now i force you to go to http://ratatoskr.dragonhill.cc and review our crap hehe. nah you don't have to ( http://ratatoskr.dragonhill.cc/curr_site=sub <- live concert   )

keep up the good work

Title: Thank you very much!
Post by: anonjondoe on July 13, 2005, 09:20:06 PM
That is one of the nicest criticisms I've ever recieved. The speakers on my PC are bust at the moment so I couldn't listen to any of your stuff but your site is really well done.

Do you live in England? I'll check out your site more thouroughly at another time but right now I've got LOADS of coursework I need to be doing.

About the quality, we would have strived for more perfection there but we needed to record before our school closed for the Summer, not only this but there was only one microphone because the rest were being used for the end of term play. So, we ended up having to record each instrument separately and do it in under 3 hours! However, we're going to try and record our album this Summer so I'll post the links for that the moment it's done.

Thanks again.


Title: My Band (Jack Thomas)
Post by: marzecTM on July 14, 2005, 03:18:56 PM
as i said no need to actually listen to our crap, just spamming :p

i know the pains of homerecording ( in your case more like schoolrecording ) so i understand your problems there. i thought that something like a limited time volume would have caused the little mistakes so it's not really a big deal. for a first timer and given for how long your band exists it's really very good.

oh and i'm from austria, i just keep the site english because we got some ppl from the us, canada and so on listening to our stuff that also want to be informed if something is happening.

well good luck with your album recordings, hope you put some material of that online if it's done.

Title: My Band (Jack Thomas)
Post by: anonjondoe on July 14, 2005, 05:08:06 PM
Thanks, see you round.